Sept 23rd- Oct 2 Kyle Bruckmann’s Wrack West Coast Tour

24 SEP :: Wrack | College of Marin | Lefort Recital Hall, Fine Arts Rm. 72, corner of Sir Francis Drake Blvd. and Laurel Avenue, Kentfield | 8:00
25 SEP :: Wrack | Trinity Chamber Concerts, 2320 Dana St, Berkeley CA | 8:00
28 SEP :: Seattle, WA | Wrack | Gallery 1412, 1412 18th Ave (at Union St) | 8:00
29 SEP::Portland, OR | Wrack | presented by Creative Music Guild | WorkSound, 820 SE Alder | 8:00
01 Oct :: Wrack + Rova | On Procedural Grounds: premiere of an extended collaborative work, with a second set by Rova | Community Music Center, 544 Capp St. SF | 8:00

Vox Arcana US Tour

Oct 7 Vox Arcana -Fluorescent Gallery – Knoxville, TN
Oct 8 Vox Arcana -Columbia Museum Of Art -Columbia, SC
Oct 10 Vox Arcana- Watershed Arts Alliance Somerset,KY 3pm
Oct 10 Vox Arcana- Colexion, Lexington, KY
Oct 11 Vox Arcana Thomas More College- Crestview Hills,KY

Oct 17 James Falzone/Jason Adaisewicz/Jason Stein/Devin Hoff/Tim Daisy
@ The Hungry Brain 2319W Belmont Ave (2nd set 11pm)
Oct 18 Aaron Zarzutski – Tim Daisy @ Myopic Books
1564N Milwaukee Ave Chicago 7:30pm
Oct 27th New Fracture Trio :: Dave Miller-guitar Jake Vinsel-bass Tim Daisy-drums @ The Whistler 2421N Milwaukee Ave 9:30pm

Nov 3 Umbrella Fest – Xavier Charles Trio (w/ Nate McBride and Tim Daisy)
6:30pm Caudia Cassidy Theatre – Chicago Cultural Center

Nov 4 Umbrells Fest -Waclaw Zimpel Quartet (w/Matt Schneider,Devin Hoff and Tim Daisy) 8:00pm Claudia Cassidy Theatre -Chicago Cultural Center

Nov 13-18 Vandermark 5 – Morelia,Mexico

Nov 30th-Dec 10 Mikolaj Trzaska/Steve Swell/Per-Ake Holmlander/Tim Daisy – Tour of Poland

Dec 12th- Tim Daisy Solo @ Nowy Swiat – Warsaw, Poland

Vox Arcana CD Release concert This Wednesday August 11th

Vox Arcana
Tim Daisy. Percussion/Marimba
James Falzone. Clarinet
Fred Lonberg- Holm. Cello/Electronics

Wednesday August 11th
@ The Hideout
1354W Wabansia Ave

With DJ Sets by Jim Baker!

A nice review of the new Vox Arcana Record by Troy Collins:

Vox Arcana
Aerial Age
Allos Documents 004

Following in the footsteps of fellow drummer-composers Harris Eisenstadt and Tyshawn Sorey, ubiquitous Chicago–based sideman Tim Daisy formed the unconventional trio Vox Arcana in 2008 to perform his own pieces. Though technically their sophomore effort (following a limited edition debut), Aerial Age is the first widely available recording of the trio. A protean hybrid of numerous disciplines, this studio album juxtaposes experimental concepts pioneered by New York school composers like John Cage and Morton Feldman, structural aspects of early minimalists like Terry Riley and La Monte Young, and the open-ended strategies of early AACM innovators like Anthony Braxton and Leroy Jenkins.

Largely eschewing pyrotechnics in favor of understated trap set and marimba excursions, Daisy’s nuanced approach is bolstered by the considered support and intimate interplay of two of the Windy City’s most versatile improvisers, clarinetist James Falzone and cellist Fred Lonberg-Holm. Falzone’s nimble cadences reveal an expansive tone that veers from mellifluous to strident, making a perfect foil for Lonberg-Holm’s chameleonic tendencies, which alternate between dulcet pizzicato and raw, punk rock influenced arco, amplified by a bevy of effects pedals. Whether engaged in three-way dialogues, supportive accompaniment or lone cadenzas, Daisy, Falzone and Lonberg-Holm offer a kaleidoscopic array of texturally adventurous harmonic invention.

Daisy fuses these divergent approaches into a series of episodic compositions that develop through numerous changes in density, mood and tempo. Morse code-like staccato melodies build on knotty contrapuntal interplay, underscored by irregular locomotive rhythms and spare solo sections that transpose jagged themes into expansive meditations on space and sound – refracting the madcap lunacy of Raymond Scott through the mirrored lens of Steve Reich. At other times, exotic atmospheres negotiate extremes of chiaroscuro, cinematically transitioning from bright optimism to ominous darkness. On “Blue Space” and “Chi Harp Call In E,” Daisy’s percolating marimba lines and ritualistic tom-tom rolls accent the mood, supported by Falzone’s sonorous glissandos and Lonberg-Holm’s tender pizzicato and sinewy arco.

The chamber music tilt of the trio’s instrumentation does not prohibit detours into more assertive territory. Lonberg-Holm’s frantic double-stops dominate the angular onset of “The Silver Fence,” while the coruscating waves of white noise emanating from his pedals book-end “Winnemac,” which is smartly offset by an interlude for spare clarinet and percussion. The tortuous closer, “Falling,” deftly invokes jazz tradition, with Daisy’s swinging ride cymbal and fragmented snare rolls fueling circuitous statements from his sidemen, including spry walking bass lines from Lonberg-Holm – a bluesy detour briefly mirrored on “The Silver Fence.”

Falzone’s lyricism, Lonberg-Holm’s timbral diversity and Daisy’s disciplined trap set ruminations provide these labyrinthine works with a lively, albeit sober center. Expanding beyond the prescribed conventions of jazz tradition to incorporate elements of contemporary classical music, Aerial Age documents the impressive talents of Chicago’s next generation of composer/improvisers.
-Troy Collins

Vox Arcana “Aerial Age” Now Available!

Order “Aerial Age” at:


You can also order a copy directly from me….just send me a message: timothydaisy@warpmail.net

I use Paypal., you don’t need an account, just a credit card

Check out this review at All About Jazz: http:// href=”http://”>www.allaboutjazz.com/php/article.php?id=37073

Vox Arcana
Tim Daisy – percussion/marimba
James Falzone- clarinet
Fred Lonberg-Holm- cello/electronics

More info at: www.allosmusica.org

On Wednesday August 11th Vox Arcana will have a cd release
concert at the Hideout in Chicago. The Hideout is located at
1354W Wabansia Ave- The show will begin at 10pm…we will play
two sets- Hope to see you there!

Vox Arcana
@The Hideout
1354W Wabansia Ave