Tim Daisy – Drummer/Composer

Active on the international improvised music scene since the late 1990’s

Owns and operates Relay Records, Documenting much of the work he has been involved in since 2011.

Co-Curates the Option Series at Experimental Sound Studio in Chicago. Programming explores contemporary perspectives on improvisation and composition in a ‘salon’ format, enabling local, national, and international artists to publicly discuss their practice and ideas as well as perform

Currently based in Chicago IL

Wiki Pagehttps://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tim_Daisy 


Has worked with these musicians and ensembles:

dave rempis/mars williams/ken vandermark/elisabeth harnik/katherine young/james falzone/fred lonberg-holm/jason stine/russ johnson/jaimie branch/nate wooley/darren johnston/mikolaj trzaska/steve swell/per-ake holmlander/mark feldman/erik friedlander/rafae toral/joe mcphee/john tchicai/fred anderson/tomeka reid/havard wiik/clayton thomas/jim baker/jason roebke/ingebrigt haker flaten/magnus broo/anton hatwich/frank rosaly/wayne montana/aram shelton/jason ajemian/mark tokar/ikue mori/john irabagon/helen gillet/jeb bishop/nate mcbride/michael zerang/kyle bruckmann/ernst karel/jen claire paulson/marc riordan/wolter wierbos/jasper stadhouders/daniel levin/josh berman/nick macri/adrienne pierluissi/jeff albert/rick reger/christof kurzmann/safa shokrai/kent kessler/didi kern/phillip quehenberger/gigi gratt/joshua abrams/nori tanaka/aaron zarzutzki/peter maunu/amanda deboer bartlett/ryan packard/clark sommers/matt piet/cameron pfiffner/rafal mazur/tomak gadecki/ray dickaty/macio moretti…..

The Vandermark 5/ The Resonance Ensemble/ Dragons 1976/ Triage/ The Rempis Percussion Quartet/Audio One/The Frame Quartet/Inner Ear/Wrack/The Red Door Ensemble/The Russ Johnson Quartet/Made To Break/ The Fulcrum Ensemble/Rempis, Daisy Duo/ Rempis, Piet, Daisy Trio/Sky And Lights/The Festival Quartet/Trio Red Space/Vox Arcana/The Steel Bridge Trio/The Engines/Bridge 61/Arrive/The New Fracture Quartet/The Dave Rempis Quartet/The Seldoms/The 58 Group/Rapid Croche/The Crisis Ensemble.



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