Solo – On The Ground ::

Ken Vandermark/Tim Daisy Duo – ken vandermark (reeds) tim daisy (d.prc)

Made To Break Ken Vandermark (ts,cl) Jasper Stadhouders (b) Christof Kurzman (elec) Tim Daisy (d)

Dave Rempis/Tim Daisy Duo

The Red Door Ensemble – Amanda DeBoer Bartlett (voice) Peter Maunu (guitar/violin) Tim Daisy (marimba/percussion)

The Rempis Percussion Quartet – dave rempis (as.ts.) ingebrigt haker-flaten (bs) frank rosaly (d) timdaisy (d)

The Russ Johnson Quartet –  russ johnson (tpt) jason stein (bc) anton hatwich (b) tim daisy (d)

Steel Bridge – tim daisy (vibraphone + percussion) safa shokrai (bass) aram shelton (reeds)

Trio Red Space – mars williams (reeds) jeb bishop (trombone) tim daisy (drums/vibraphone)

Vox Arcana – tim daisy (d + marimba) james falzone (cl) fred lonberg-holm (cello)

Wrack – kyle bruckmann (oboe.english horn) jason stein (bcl) jen claire paulson (viola) anton hatwich (b) tim daisy (d)

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