Here is an up to date list of the recordings I have made as a sideman and/or a leader.

Please contact me at timothydaisy@warpmail.net for information on obtaining these recordings.

 All Relay Records titles can be purchased here:




Tim Daisy’s Vox 4 w/ Fred Lonberg-Holm/Macie Stewart/James Falzone (relay 026) Cd available on 9/9/19 – Digital download available: https://timdaisyrelayrecords.bandcamp.com/album/tim-daisys-vox-4-roman-poems-relay-026

Tim Daisy – 5 Echoes & Nothing Will Happen (relay digital 009)  https://timdaisyrelayrecords.bandcamp.com/album/tim-daisy-five-echoes-nothing-will-happen-relay-digital-009

Dan Phillips Trio “Sound Energy In Space” (Lizard Breath Recordings) https://www.danphillipsmusic.com/music.html

Tim Daisy “New Works For Solo Percussion” (relay 025)   https://timdaisyrelayrecords.bandcamp.com/album/tim-daisy-new-works-for-solo-percussion-relay-025

Alex Inglizian and Tim Daisy “Looking Out”  (relay digital 008) https://timdaisyrelayrecords.bandcamp.com/album/alex-inglizian-and-tim-daisy-looking-out-relay-digital-008

“Sugar/Shack” Dave Rempis (saxophones) Terrie Hessels (guitar) Tim Daisy (drums) Live set from OKKA Fest 2013 @ The Sugar Maple, Milwaukee, WI. (Catalytic) Member Only Release  https://catalyticsound.com/

“Free Percussion” percussion compilation (feb 9, 2019) Tsss Tapes http://www.tssstapes.com/

The Metamatic Percussion Trio “7 Situations” (relay digital 007) https://timdaisyrelayrecords.bandcamp.com/album/the-metamatic-percussion-trio-7-situations-relay-digital-007

Tim Daisy and Frank Rosaly “Northern Duets”  (Catalytic) Member Only Release www.catalyticsound.com

Tim Daisy October Music Vol 3 – 7 Compositions For Duet (relay 024)


Per-Ake Holmlander Carliot, It’s Never Too Late Orchestra (3 cd box set – Not Two Records)


Macio Moretti (perc/synthesizer) Tim Daisy (perc/califones) CHUMA CHUMA (relay 23) 


Tim Daisy – Configurations (relay 22)    2018  https://timdaisyrelayrecords.bandcamp.com/album/tim-daisy-configurations-relay-022

Dave Rempis & Tim Daisy ::  DODECAHEDRON (Aerophonic Records)
with Steve Swell/Katherine Young/Fred Lonberg – Holm
Jason Adaisewicz/Jim Baker/ Aaron Zarzutzki   May 2018


Dave Rempis/Matt Piet/Tim Daisy “Throw Tomatoes” (Astral Spirits) https://rempispietdaisy.bandcamp.com/album/throw-tomatoes

Matt Piet & His Disorganization (Clean Feed) https://cleanfeed-records.com/product/rummage-out

Tim Daisy’s Fulcrum Ensemble :: Animation (relay 021) Ltd ed cd of 500
pre order begins February 2018  www.timdaisyrelayrecords.bandcamp.com
Dan Phillips Trio :: Divergent Flow  (Lizard Breath Records)  March 2018


Ken Vandermark // Momentum 2 & 3  (Audiographic Records) http://audiographicrecords.com/album-detail?id=25 

Made To Break “Trebuchet” (trost records) https://trostrecords.bandcamp.com/album/trebuchet

Tim Daisy “Music For Lying Still” (relay 020)  https://timdaisyrelayrecords.bandcamp.com/album/tim-daisy-music-for-lying-still-relay-020-2

The Rempis Percussion Quartet “Cochonnerie” Aerophonic Records ARO14 https://aerophonicrecords.com/cochonnerie/

The Dan Phillips Quartet “Converging Tributaries” (Lizard Breath Records) https://world.jazznearyou.com/lizard-breath-records.php

Touchtones ‘Virgo On Virgo’ The Quiet Life (Limited edition solid lemon yellow vinyl) https://touchtones.bandcamp.com/releases

James Elkington “Wintres Woma” (Paradise of Bachlelors) 2017 (percussion on select tracks)  http://www.paradiseofbachelors.com/pob-034/

Matt Piet and Tim Daisy “Stirke One; Strike Two”  (self release) https://mattpiet.bandcamp.com/album/strike-one-strike-too

Darren Johnston & Tim Daisy “Crossing Belmont” (relay digital 006) https://timdaisyrelayrecords.bandcamp.com/album/darren-johnston-tim-daisy-crossing-belmont-relay-digital-006

Triptych – Michael Thieke/Tim Daisy/Ken Vandermark (relay 019) https://timdaisyrelayrecords.bandcamp.com/album/triptych-michael-thieke-tim-daisy-ken-vandermark-relay-019

Tim Daisy Solo ‘Autotelic’ (Ltd edition cassette + download) Sonorus Records (Bari, IT) https://sonorus-records.bandcamp.com/album/autotelic

Dave Rempis/Matt Piet/Tim Daisy “Hit The Ground Running”  (digital release) Aerophonic Records  http://aerophonicrecords.com/

Dave Rempis/Matt Piet/Tim Daisy “Cure for the Quotidian” (amalgam records) http://www.amalgamusic.org/catalog/digital/cure-for-the-quotidian-dave-rempis-matt-piet-tim-daisy

Tim Daisy/Red Nation “1” (relay 018)  https://timdaisyrelayrecords.bandcamp.com/album/tim-daisy-red-nation-1-relay-018

Wolter Wierbos/Jasper Stadhouders/Tim Daisy “Sounds In A Garden” (relay 017)  https://timdaisyrelayrecords.bandcamp.com/album/wolter-wierbos-jasper-stadhouders-tim-daisy-sounds-in-a-garden-relay-017

Tim Daisy’s Celebration Sextet “The Halfway There Suite” (relay 016)  https://timdaisyrelayrecords.bandcamp.com/album/tim-daisys-celebration-sextet-the-halfway-there-suite-relay-016

Tim Daisy :: October Music Vol 2  (relay 015)  https://timdaisyrelayrecords.bandcamp.com/album/tim-daisy-october-music-vol-2-7-compositions-for-duet-relay-015

Made To Break  –  N N N / Dispatch To The Sea / Before The Code – Live  (Audiographic Records – digital only) https://audiographicrecords1.bandcamp.com/

Marc Riordan and Tim Daisy “Joyride” (relay 014)  https://timdaisyrelayrecords.bandcamp.com/album/joyride-relay-014

Trio red Space “Fields Of Flat” (relay 013)  https://timdaisyrelayrecords.bandcamp.com/album/trio-red-space-fields-of-flat-relay-013-cd-sold-out-download-still-available

Relucent :: Music for marimba, radios and turntables (relay012) https://timdaisyrelayrecords.bandcamp.com/album/tim-daisy-relucent-music-for-marimba-radios-and-turntables-relay-012

Per-Ake Holmlander & Tim Daisy “On The A And On The B” (12″ Vinyl – not two records) http://www.nottwo.com/mw934

Audio One “What Thomas Bernhard Saw” (Audiographic) http://audiographicrecords.com/album-detail?id=10

The Red Door Ensemble “Color By Shade (for Anne Sexton) ” (relay digital 005)https://timdaisyrelayrecords.bandcamp.com/album/colors-by-shade-for-anne-sexton-the-red-door-ensemble-relay-digital-005

The Engines – Green Knights (digital only | ARd001) http://aerophonicrecords.com/category/digital-releases/

Raleigh Dailey/Jason Stein/Tim Daisy “Opening Lines”  https://store.cdbaby.com/cd/steindaileydaisy

Tim Daisy Solo On The Ground – An Amusing Mess (ltd ed cassette – 1980 records)          http://www.1980recs.com/

Ken Vandermark’s Resonance Ensemble “Double Arc” (not two)https://www.nottwo.com/mw936

Made To Break”Before The Code”  (trost) https://trostrecords.bandcamp.com/album/before-the-code

Rempis Percussion Quartet  “Cash and Carry” (aerophonic) 


Steel Bridge Trio “Different Clocks” (relay 011) https://timdaisyrelayrecords.bandcamp.com/album/steel-bridge-trio-different-clocks-relay-011

Vox Arcana “Caro’s Song” (relay 010) https://timdaisyrelayrecords.bandcamp.com/album/vox-arcana-caros-song-relay-010

Tim Daisy” October Music – 7 Compositions For Duet Vol 1″ (Relay 009) https://timdaisyrelayrecords.bandcamp.com/album/tim-daisy-october-music-vol-1-7-compositions-for-duet-relay-009

Live in Lafayette – Tim Daisy Jeff Albert and Josef Butts (Breakfast For Dinner Records) digital download:  http://b4d-records.com/albums.php
The Russ Johnson Quartet “Meeting Point” (Relay 008)  


Working Hard To Make Your Life Easier (Castor & Pollux Music) https://www.facebook.com/events/144633036123063/

The Margots “Sople” (Okka Disk)

Ken Vandermark’s Audio One “An International Report” (Audiographic)

Ken Vandermark’s Audio One “Music Of The Midwest School” (Audiographic)

Kyle Bruckmann’s WRACK “Awaits Silent Tristero’s Empire” (Singlespeed Music) https://kylebruckmann.bandcamp.com/album/wrack-awaits-silent-tristeros-empire

Made To Break “Cherchez La Femme” (Trost Records) https://trostrecords.bandcamp.com/album/cherchez-la-femme

Mikolaj Trzaska + Tim Daisy “In This Moment” (relay 007) https://timdaisyrelayrecords.bandcamp.com/album/in-this-moment-mikolaj-trzaska-tim-daisy-relay-007

Inigo Ugarteburu – For The Uknown (foehn records)

Inner Ear (Mikolaj Trzaska/Steve Swell/Per Ake Holmlamder/Tim Daisy) “Return From The Center of The Earth” LP (Bocian)
Ken Vandermark’s Resonance Ensemble “Head Above The Water/Feet Out Of The Fire” (Not Two)
Dave Rempis + Tim Daisy “Second Spring” (aerophonic)
The Tim Daisy Trio “A Fine Day In Berlin” (relay 006)
Hans Peter Pfammater + Tim Daisy “Different Names” (relay digital 002)
Mars Williams/Ingebrigt Haker-Flaten/Tim Daisy  “Moments Form” (Idyllic Noise)
Topology  “Impressions on Po Music – The music of Joe McPhee  (Okka Disk)
The Rempis Percussion Quartet “Phalanx”  (Aerophonic)  http://www.aerophonicrecords.com
Jason Stein + Tim Daisy -“Bascule”  (Peira)    http://www.peira.net
The Margots “Pescado” (Okka Disk)
Ken Vandermark’s Made To Break “Lacerba” LP   (Clean Feed)
The Engines w/ John Tchicai “Other Violets” (Not Two Records)
Ken Vandermark’s Made To Break “Provoke” (Clean Feed)
Edward Ricart + Tim Daisy “Yiu Ja Ley” Public Eyesore/Eh (2013)
The Marc Riordan Quartet “Binoculars” Sept 2012
Vox Arcana “Soft Focus” (Relay Records 005) Sept 2012
Aram Shelton Quartet “Everything For Somebody” (Singlespeed Music) Aug 2012
Klang “Brooklyn Lines, Chicago Spaces” – (Allos Documents)
Jeb Bishop + Tim Daisy “Old Shoulders” – Relay Records 004 (2012)
Kyle Bruckmann “On Procedural Grounds” – New World Records (2012)


Resonance Ensemble “What Country Is This?” Not Two (2012)

WRACK “Cracked Refraction” Porter Records (2012)

Inner Ear “Breathing Steam” Kilogram Records (2011)

Daniel Levin & Tim Daisy “The Flower And the Bear” Relay Records 003 (2011)

ARRIVE “There Was” Clean Feed Records 2011

KLANG “Other Doors” Allos Musica 2011

Resonance Ensemble “Kafka In Flight” Not Two Records (2011)

Strade D’ Acqua – Roads Of Water – Multi Kulti Records (2011)

The Rempis Percussion Quartet “Montreal Parade” 482music (2011)

Tim Daisy + Frank Rosaly Percussion Duets Relay 001 (2010)

Vox Arcana Live at the Hideout Relay 002 (2010)

The Vandermark 5 Special Edition “The Horse Jumps and The Ship is Gone” -Not Two (2010)

Vox Arcana “Aerial Age” Allos Documents (2010)

The Engines “Wire And Brass” Okka Disk 2010

Ken Vandermark/Tim Daisy “Light On The Wall” double LP – Lawrence Family 2009

Resonance Project – 10 CD Box Set Not Two 2009

The Vandermark 5 “Annular Gift” Not Two 2009

*The Frame Quartet “35mm” – Okka Disk 2009

*Fred Anderson Trio “Staying In The Game” engine recordings
*Resonance Project LP/ Not two Records – 2009
*The Rempis Percussion Quartet “The Disappointment Of Parsley” /Not Two Records – 2009
*Zimpel/Daisy “Four Walls”  Multi Kulti Project -2008
*KLANG “Tea Music” Allos Musica -2009
*KLANG Live limited edition /Luminescence – 2008
*Drums Love You compilation /Makrame Records- 2008
*Vox Arcana self-titled limited edition/ 2008
*Malopolska is Jazzy 2008 compilation/ Malopolska -2008
*ARRIVE Live at Elastic /Singlespeed Music -2008
*New Fracture Quartet “1,000 Lights” /MultiKulti Project -2008
*Speck Mountain “Some Sweet Relief” /Carrot Top Records -2008
*Speck Mountain “Blood is Clean” single/Peacefrog/Burnt Brown Sounds -2008
*Bill Tucker And Freinds “Illusions Of Repetition -2007
*Vandermark 5 “Beat Reader” /Atavistic – 2007
*Speck Mountain “Summer Above” /Burnt Brown Sounds -2007
*The Matt Young Group “Diggin’ In” /Self release- 2007
*Dragons 1976 /Multi Kulti Project -2007
*Kyle Bruckman’s WRACK “Intents And Purposes”/ 482 Music 2006
*The Engines /Okka Disk Records -2007
*The Vandermark 5 “A Discontinuous Line” /Atavistic 2006
*The Vandermark 5 “Four Sides to the Story” double lp /Not Two Records -2006
*The Dan Effland Group “Last Call” /Self release 2007
*The Rempis Percussion Quartet “Hunter Gatherers” /482 Music 2007
*Dragons 1976 “Winter Break” /Self Release -2006
*Paul Duncan “Above the Trees” /Home Tapes -2006
*Broken Things “Swim To The River” /Son of Fire Recordings -2007
*Tim Daisy/Ken Vandermark “August Music” /self release -2007
*Sound In Action Trio “Gate” / Atavistic -2006
*Bridge 61 “Journal” /Atavistic -2006
*The Vandermark 5 “Free Jazz Classics vol 2&3” /Atavistic -2006
*The Rempis Percussion Quartet “Rip Tear Crunch” /482 Music -2006
The Vandermark 5 “The Color of Memory” /Atavistic -2006
*ARRIVE /482 music -2005
*Festival Quartet self release -2005
*Rosenberg/Baker/Hatwich/Daisy “New Folk,New Blues” 482 music -2005
*Triage “Stagger” /Utech Records -2006
*Tim Daisy/Frank Rosaly “Boombox Babylon” /Utech Records -2006
*The Rempis Percussion Quartet “Circular Logic” /Utech Records -2005
*Toby Summerfield’s Never Enough Hope /self release -2005
*The Vandermark 5 “Exercises In Surprise” /Atavistic -2004
*Triage “American Mythology” /Okka Disk Records -2004
*Dave Rempis/Tim Daisy “Back to The Circle /Okka Disk Records -2004
*Scott Rosenberg’s RED “Blood” /CIMP -2004
*Dragons 1976 /Locust Music -2004
*Dave Rempis Quartet “Out Of Season” /482 music -2004
*Kyle Bruckman’s WRACK /Red Toucan -2003
*Relay Signals /Lucky Kitchen -2003
*Triage “20 Minute Cliff” /Okka Disk Records -2003
*The Vandermark 5 “Airports For Light” /Atavistic -2003
*Who Cares How Long You Sink /Lucky Kitchen -2003
*Jason Roebke’s Rapid Croce /482 music -2003
*The Children’s Hour “SOS JFK” /Minty Fresh -2003
*Document Chicago “New Jazz And Improvisation” /482 music -2003
*Scott Rosenberg “Creative Orchestra Music” /New World Records -2003
*Eric Roth And The Silver Schmateez/ Rosco Records – 2001
*Scott Rosenberg’s RED “OWE” /Cadence Jazz -2001
*Triage “Premium Plastics” /Solitare Records -2001
*Lake Effect “Songs For SkyDivers” /Self Release -2001
*Triage /Self Release -1999

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