Live Concerts

1/9 – 11 Per- Ake Holmlander’s Carliot It’s Never Too Late Orchestra ||
1/9 Gothenberg, SE 
1/10 All Ears Festival – Oslo, Norway 
1/11 Inner Ear Quartet ||@ Sangbolaget, Stockholm, SE
1/21 Havard Wiik Sextet at ELastic Arts Foundation || 3429W Diversey Ave, Chicago, IL
2/21 Russ Johnson (tpt) Tim Daisy (d) @ Woodland Pattern Books, Milwaukee WI
2/28 Dave Rempis (saxophones) Matt Piet (piano) Tim Daisy (drums) @ Elastic Arts Foundation ||  3429W Diversey Ave Chicago IL
03/25/19 Rempis Percussion Quartet Vienna, AU Martinschlossl
03/26/19 Rempis Percussion Quartet Villach, AU Kulturforum Villach
03/27/19 Rempis Percussion Quartet Munich, DE, Halle 6
03/28/19 Rempis Percussion Quartet Bonn, DE In Situ Arts Society
03/29/19 Rempis Percussion Quartet Schorndorf, DE Manufaktur
03/30/19 Rempis Percussion Quartet Geneva, CH AMR
03/31/19 Rempis Percussion Quartet Antwerp, BE Sound In Motion
Thursday, July 18th: Tim Daisy’s Vox 4 w/ James Falzone, Fred Lonberg Holm, Macie Stewart and TD @ The Elastic Arts Foundation || 3429W Diversey Ave Chicago, IL