Relay Recordings

Relay Recordings is Chicago based percussionist/composer Tim Daisy’s  record label. Focusing on  CD  and digital download releases in the improvised/new music idioms. (no vinyl at this time! sorry!)

Current Relay Recording artists include: Jeb Bishop/James Falzone/Fred Lonberg-Holm/Daniel Levin/Frank Rosaly/Steve Swell/Taylor Ho Bynum/John Hebert/Hans Peter-Pfammatter/Frank Rosaly/Russ Johnson/Jason Stein/Anton Hatwich……more to come!


All of the Relay Release can be purchased from my Bandcamp page. Soem are available as a cd and a download. Some are only in the digital format:

Article by Peter Margasak/Chicago Reader:

Relay Recordings Discography

 These titles are available on cd and as a digital download:

Tim Daisy October Music “7 Compositions For Duet” (relay 009)

 The Russ Johnson Quartet “Meeting Point” (relay 008)

w/ Russ Johnson (tpt) Jason Stein (bc) Anton Hatwich (b) Tim Daisy (d)


Mikolaj Trzaska & Tim Daisy “In This Moment” (relay 007)

w/ Mikolaj Trzaska (as) Tim Daisy (d)


The Tim Daisy Trio “A Fine Day In Berlin” (relay 006)

w/ Haavard Wiik (p) Clayton Thomas (b) Tim Daisy (d)


Vox Arcana “Soft Focus” (relay 005)

w/ James Falzone (cl) Fred Lonberg-Holm (c) Tim Daisy (mar/d)


Jeb Bishop & Tim Daisy “Old Shoulders” (relay 004)

w/ Jeb Bishop (tr) Tim Daisy (d)


Daniel Levin & Tim Daisy “The Flower And The Bear” (relay 003)

w/Daniel Levin (c) Tim Daisy (d)


Vox Arcana Live at the Hideout Chicago (relay 002) sold out


Tim Daisy & Frank Rosaly Percussion Duets (relay 001) sold out



Relay New Composers download only


Schemata and Heuristics for Clarinets #1 By Steve Swell (relay new composers 004) w/ Ned Rothenberg, Guillermo Gregorio, Miguel Malla, Zara Acosta-Chen (cl)

Reflections on Rhythms By Tim Daisy (relay new composers 003) w/Tim Daisy (mar/perc)

July Music For Solo Percussion By Tim Daisy (relay new composers 002) w/Tim Daisy (perc)

Clocking for 6 Instruments By Tim Daisy (relay new composers 001) w/ Matthew Dotson (g) Tim Daisy (perc) Jason Raynovich (c) Katherine Young (bsn) Tobin Summerfield (b/g) Dan Mohr (p/v)


Relay Digital download only

Hans Peter-Pfammatter “Different Names” (relay digital 002) w/Hans Peter-Pfammater (p) Tim Daisy (d)

The Tim Daisy Quartet “Streets In Time” (relay digital 001) w/ Taylor Ho Bynum (cor) Steve Swell (tr) John Hebert (b) Tim Daisy (d)


Relay Live   download only

Jeb Bishop/Nate McBride/Tim Daisy “Type M” (relay live 2011) w/ Jeb Bishop (tr/elec) Nate McBride (b) Tim Daisy (d)

Frank Rosaly/Tim Daisy Percussion Duets (relay live 2007)



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