Relay Recordings

Relay Records is Chicago based percussionist/composer Tim Daisy’s  record label which focuses on small run  CD  and digital download releases

All of the Relay Releases can be purchased at the Bandcamp website:


Relay Recordings Discography

These titles are available on cd and/or  digital download

Tim Daisy’s Vox 4 w/ Fred Lonberg-Holm/Macie Stewart/James Falzone (relay 026) Cd available on 9/9/19 – Digital download available:

Tim Daisy – 5 Echoes & Nothing Will Happen (relay digital 009)

Tim Daisy “New Works For Solo Percussion” (relay 025)

Alex Inglizian and Tim Daisy “Looking Out”  (relay digital 008)

The Metamatic Percussion Trio “7 Situations” (relay digital 007)

Tim Daisy October Music Vol 3 – 7 Compositions For Duet (relay 024)

Tim Daisy Music For Lying Still (relay 020)

Triptych Michael Thieke/ Ken Vandermark/ Tim Daisy  (relay 019)

Tim Daisy Red Nation 1 (relay 018)

Wolter Wierbos/Jasper Stadhouders/Tim Daisy “Sounds In A Garden” (relay 017)

Tim Daisy’s Celebration Sextet “The Halfway There Suite” (relay 016)

Tim Daisy October Music Vol 2 (relay 015)

Marc Riordan and Tim Daisy “Joyride” (relay 014)

Trio red Space “Fields Of Flat” (relay 013)

Relucent :: Music for marimba, radios and turntables (relay 012)

Steel Bridge Trio “Different Clocks” (relay 011)  may 26 2015

Vox Arcana “Caro’s Song” (relay 010) may 26 2015

Tim Daisy October Music “7 Compositions For Duet” (relay 009)

 The Russ Johnson Quartet “Meeting Point” (relay 008)

w/ Russ Johnson (tpt) Jason Stein (bc) Anton Hatwich (b) Tim Daisy (d)


Mikolaj Trzaska & Tim Daisy “In This Moment” (relay 007)

w/ Mikolaj Trzaska (as) Tim Daisy (d)


The Tim Daisy Trio “A Fine Day In Berlin” (relay 006)

w/ Haavard Wiik (p) Clayton Thomas (b) Tim Daisy (d)


Vox Arcana “Soft Focus” (relay 005)

w/ James Falzone (cl) Fred Lonberg-Holm (c) Tim Daisy (mar/d)


Jeb Bishop & Tim Daisy “Old Shoulders” (relay 004)

w/ Jeb Bishop (tr) Tim Daisy (d)


Daniel Levin & Tim Daisy “The Flower And The Bear” (relay 003)

w/Daniel Levin (c) Tim Daisy (d)


Vox Arcana Live at the Hideout Chicago (relay 002) sold out


Tim Daisy & Frank Rosaly Percussion Duets (relay 001) sold out



Relay New Composers download only


Schemata and Heuristics for Clarinets #1 By Steve Swell (relay new composers 004) w/ Ned Rothenberg, Guillermo Gregorio, Miguel Malla, Zara Acosta-Chen (cl)

Reflections on Rhythms By Tim Daisy (relay new composers 003) w/Tim Daisy (mar/perc)

July Music For Solo Percussion By Tim Daisy (relay new composers 002) w/Tim Daisy (perc)

Clocking for 6 Instruments By Tim Daisy (relay new composers 001) w/ Matthew Dotson (g) Tim Daisy (perc) Jason Raynovich (c) Katherine Young (bsn) Tobin Summerfield (b/g) Dan Mohr (p/v)


Relay Digital download only

Hans Peter-Pfammatter “Different Names” (relay digital 002) w/Hans Peter-Pfammater (p) Tim Daisy (d)

The Tim Daisy Quartet “Streets In Time” (relay digital 001) w/ Taylor Ho Bynum (cor) Steve Swell (tr) John Hebert (b) Tim Daisy (d)


Relay Live   download only

Jeb Bishop/Nate McBride/Tim Daisy “Type M” (relay live 2011) w/ Jeb Bishop (tr/elec) Nate McBride (b) Tim Daisy (d)

Frank Rosaly/Tim Daisy Percussion Duets (relay live 2007)



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