Solo Work

Tim Daisy – Room To Breathe (relay digital 013)

Tim Daisy – “Sereno” :: music for marimba, turntables and percussion (relay 028)

“Staklo” Music For Glass Instruments (relay digital 010)

Tim Daisy “New Works For Solo Percussion” (relay 25)edition of 300 cd + digital formats

New Works for Solo Percussion documents Chicago based drummer and composer Tim Daisy’s latest musical developments within the solo percussion context. Inspired by a wide range of influences from the worlds of sound and visual art, Tim has organized a series of new pieces which continue to investigate the balance between composed and improvised sound-making, and how these two worlds influence and affect the other.

Tim Daisy “Configurations” (relay 022)  – edition of 250 cd + digital formats  

Solo compositions and improvisations performed by Chicago based percussionist and composer Tim Daisy

Selected instruments recorded in various combinations including: drums/marimba/ Califones/metal percussion/bass xylophone/transistor radios/bells/chains/sticks/malletts/brushes

Tim Daisy “Music For Lying Still” (relay 020)  –edition of 300cd + digital format
MFLS: drums, marimba, vibraphone, Califones, gongs, metal percussion.  (Releases on September 25th, 2017)

Music For Lying Still is Chicago based composer and percussionist Tim Daisy’s latest solo release. Further developing compositional methods and ideas explored by his two previous solo efforts: ‘Relucent: music for marimba, radios and turntables’ (relay 012), and ‘Red Nation 1’ (relay 018), MFLS stands apart from these previous two releases first by adding more instruments into the mix (vibraphone and metal percussion) as well as by utilizing a multitrack, multi-layered recording process to develop the composition. All the sound making devices were recorded separately and then layered and edited together into one continuous, half hour-long composition.

-multi-layered, mystic metaphoric, ambient, experimental low-fi gamelan drone music for people who like to lie still.

-Made in Chicago

releases September 25, 2017


Tim Daisy “Red Nation – 1” (relay 018)  -edition of 300cd + digital format
TD – Red Nation is Chicago-based percussionist Tim Daisy performing solo music on turntables, drums, radios, gongs and other found objects. All of the music on this recording was recorded live without the use of overdubs. The material on the recording is inspired by many different styles of sound making including Appalachian folk , Indonesian gamelan, various styles of turntablism, experimental jazz and electronic music situations.
-Made in Chicago
released on January 19th, 2017
Tim Daisy Relucent: Music For Marimba Radio and Turntables (relay 012) edition of 300 cd + digital format

‘Relucent’ is Chicago composer and percussionist Tim Daisy’s latest solo effort. A collection of compositions and improvisations combining recent explorations with turntable manipulation and radio static with his expanding vocabulary as both a composer and improviser on the marimba.

Fusing collage and abstraction, the compositions and improvisations on Relucent combine Tim’s multiple influences from the worlds of visual art and sound into a suite of eleven varied and dynamic musical situations. Building on almost two decades worth of experience working with a wide array of musicians and ensembles from both the Chicago and European experimental music scenes, Tim Daisy has created a unique body of work which draws on his past experiences in improvisation and composition, while at the same time forging ahead into new and unknown territory.

Citing multiple influences for his source material including the pioneering inventions of American experimental composer John Cage, the, multi – layered, high energy interplay created by the African balafon ensemble, and the sound collage work of visual artist and composer Cristian Marclay, Relucent documents Chicago artist Tim Daisy’s most recent investigations into the world of sound exploration.

-Made In Chicago
released on March 7th, 2016
Tim Daisy Solo:  “On The Ground,  An Amusing Mess “ (relay digital 004)

On The Ground is an improvised solo situation developed by Chicago based sound artist, percussionist, and composer Tim Daisy.

Utilizing an ever expanding arsenal of both traditional and non traditional instruments including: radios, turntables, gongs, chains, bells, a snare drum, brushes, scrap metal, circular saw blades, sticks, and alarm clocks; OTG explores the art of sound collage in a solo improvisational context, multi layered free improvisation, with all of the instruments and objects spread out and assembled on the floor.

released June 11, 2015
Tim Daisy – “Autotelic”(Sonorus Records)  cassette and digital format

“Autotelic” is a live solo concert by Chicago-based percussionist and sound artist Tim Daisy. Using a traditional drum set, transistor radios, metal percussion, and various found objects, Tim creates solo improvisations utilizing a vast array of sounds and textures at his disposal.

This concert was recorded live in Chicago, IL at In House as part of the Autotelic Music Series curated by Ishmael Ali.

released April 21, 2017
Tim Daisy – “On The Ground, An Amusing Mess” (1980 Records) cassette release