Marchland (2018) (2.0!) (sound design for Modern Dance Ensemble: The Seldoms)

Strata (2017) (sound design for dance. choreographer:  Rachel Damon. synapse arts)

Sound: “Wires and Static” by Tim Daisy
Aaron Zarzutzki – synthesizer & percussion
Tim Daisy – percussion, turntables, radios


Audio residency at the Keret House: Warsaw, Poland (2016)

A Short Doc about the project:







The Glass House (2016)

Florasonic Installation at the Lincoln Park Conservatory Chicago, IL

What you’ll hear in the Fern Room is The Glass House by Chicago composer and percussionist Tim Daisy. The composition reflects various aspects of the structure of the building itself. It is recorded in four sections that play simultaneously, each supporting the other, much like the metal ribs of the four corners of the Fern Room support the overall structure. These musical sections are of different lengths, so they continuously mix and remix in surprising and unpredictable ways. The instruments, including vibraphone, cymbals, radio and turntables, recall both the materials of the building and its location in an increasingly technologized environment. The Glass Houseexplores the sounds hidden within the Conservatory’s architecture and acknowledges its function as an urban home for botanical diversity.

Curated by Lou Mallozzi for Experimental Sound Studio’s Florasonic sound installation series, a partnership with the Chicago Park District’s Lincoln Park Conservatory.


Marchland (2010)

Marchland is an hour-long dance work made by The Seldoms with visual artist, Fraser Taylor, and percussionist, Timothy Daisy. It premiered in Spring 2010 at the Museum of Contemporary Art Stage in Chicago and toured to Krasnoyarsk, Russia and Cincinnati, Ohio.

With choreography and direction by Carrie Hanson.


Strade D’ Acqua/Roads Of Water (2009)

Percussion + Marimba work for soundtrack composed by Ken Vandermark –                                                                        Film directed by Augusto Contento




Dream Havanna (2007)

Percussion + compositional credit – Film by Gary Marks




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